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Jeremy Clarke

* London, UK ´60
'10 - '13 bringing the AudioMemory and Solsys to perfection
'09 4.0 Surroundsound @ ACCO Theatre festival (Israel)
'09 realisation of the sounding solar system
'08 "Das Gewicht der Träume" script by Regina Heck (soundart)
'08 Release of the AudioMemory 4.0
'08 feature: "künstlich"
'07 initiation of a public "Sweet Area" for surroundsound 4.0 audio art in Berlin
'07 feature: "Zähne"
'07 Installation for Satis & fy (soundart)
'07 Surroundsound for Universal Music Berlin (soundart)
'07 contribution in surroundsound for the Fusion-Festival
'06 Surroundsound for Universal Music Berlin (soundart)
'06 soundtrack for the animation film: "Bart" by cisca bogman
'06 'Wächter' Soundinstallation 3. Berliner Kunstsalon
'06 contribution for BR: "Deine Welt" (feature)
'06 contribution for Deutschlandradio Kultur: "Andratx" (soundart)
'06 contribution in surroundsound for the Fusion-Festival
'06 contribution for Deutschlandfunk: "Inspiration als Methode". Portrait of the composer Antoni Caimari
'05 contribution for Deutschlandradio: "Arbeit" (feature)
'04 Festival Amnesty Int., Albacete/ Spain: LiveTecnoVision mit Mayte Bayon
'04 contribution for Zündfunk/BR: "Der Blick von Unten" (feature)
'04 sound installations for "SC Heimat 04" Hannover/ Poggenhagen
'03 contribution for Deutschlandradio: Parlament mit Maschinen (soundart)
'02 interim member of the Performance Group TOB (Transmitting Object Behaviour)
'02 arrangements of classical music scores for the Atari - Computer orchestra
'02 contribution to the SFB: Parlament mit Maschinen (soundart)
'01 director of the ensemble "General Noise"
'01 contribution for SWR: Cafe Keese
'01 initiator of experimental and electro acoustic events in Berlin
'00 founding of computer orchestra Atari 2000
'99 invitation to the international composers meeting on Mallorca / Spain
'99 lecture at the symposium of the university of Lüneburg 'Musik im Spiegel technologischer Entwicklung'
'99 contribution to 'Internationale digitale Radiokunst' of the SFB
'99 Live TecnoVision
co-operation with the painter Mayte Bayon
'98 completion of the song book:
"Puperty Rap & 2nd Hand Music" for guitar and vocals
'96 residence in Mallorca / Spain, establishment of the 'conjunt de musica contemporania de mallorca'
'96 compositions for toys, commodities, orchestra, voices and other material
'95 participating in the Kammerensemble für Neue Musik Berlin
'94 initiator of the 1. international solo artist festival in Berlin
'93 participating as guitarist in the Ensemble Modern (Frankfurt a.M.)
'91 radio play work for NGL, SFB, SWR, WDR, DLR
'90 first audio work in 4 channel surround sound
'89 co-operation with artists from East-Berlin and following an invitation by the French Government to La Vilette in Paris
'84... Berlin - participation in choirs/ theatre/ film/ performances/ music groups as composer, singer, instrumentalist, actor and author
'83 studies in classical singing (tenor)
'76 autodidact in guitar